Introduction to the Graduate Program of Language and the Law, NWUPL

Since recent years the disciplinary subject of Language and the Law has been developing rapidly in China, and its related education has obtained valuable achievements. More and more scholars from linguistic and legal fields have come to our language garden and achieved much by devoting themselves to the study of language and the law.
Encouraged by this, my university-Northwest University of Politics and Law, has worked out the Graduate Progrm of Language and the Law under the Jurisprudence Major, School of Criminal Law. The Program began to enroll graduates in 2008. At present, four graduates, the first group, have been accepted. They have started their research on language and the law.
Fortunately, LIU, Weiming (myself) and LIU, Suzhen (famous researcher in China) have become the graduate supervisors. Now we two supervise two students each.
Introduction to Prof. Liu, Suzhen: (Chinese)
Introduction to Prof. Liu, Weiming: (Chinese)
This Program welcomes students from linguistic and legal background. The Entrance Examinations include the following:
Political Theory
History of Chinese Law
Procedure Law (Criminal and Civil)
International Public Law
Criminal Law
Civil Law
Economic Law

About Weiming Liu

forensic linguistics researcher
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