My Paper: Forensic Linguistics Research in Evidence

Wei-Ming Liu (刘蔚铭)
Journal of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (廣東外語外貿大學學報)
2009/01 (20卷1期)
pp. 68-72
Linguistic evidence is an important notion and area of forensic linguistics in the world, and covers a wide range of contents. In a sense, forensic linguistics is research on linguistic evidence and the research in this domain has formed its own vivid features and theoretical framework. In legal practice, the research and application on linguistic evidence is of much important significance. Therefore, this paper is to focus on the basic concepts and research area of linguistic evidence, and to probe into some crucial problems, combining it with the circumstances of China.
Keywords: linguistic evidence, forensic linguistics,verbal evidence, expert witness, identifier
语言证据, 法律语言学, 言辞证据, 专家证人, 鉴定人

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forensic linguistics researcher
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