CALL FOR PAPERS: Law and Language–Making Laws Work in a Globalised World

A special workshop at the 24  World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy in Beijing, China:  
Karen McAuliffe, University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus
Email: k.mcauliffe(a) 
Papers  are  invited  for  a  workshop  on  law  and  language:  making  laws  work  in  a globalised world, to take place at the IVR conference from 15 – 20 September 2009.
The study of  language and  law has, until recent years, focused  largely on common  law legal systems in English-speaking countries (with the notable exception of developments in  the  field  of  jurilinguistics  in  Canada).    More  recently,  however,  the  relationship between  language  and  law  has  ignited  interest  in  many  different  legal  and  linguistic contexts  around  the  world  –  in  particular  in  China and  in  Europe  in  the  context  of multilingual law in the enlarged EU.
It is clear that, in today’s globalised world, therelationship between language and law is increasingly  important  in  terms  of  understanding  the  possibilities  and  limits  of governance under the rule of  law; understanding how  legal  institutions function; gaining insights  into  the  functioning of  legal systems and  fostering rule of  law values (cf. Solan 2007).
The proposed workshop aims to bring together scholars from law, linguistics, philosophy and  psychology  to  investigate  differing  viewpoints  on  a  single  overarching  theme: making  laws work  in a globalised world.   The workshop will  focus primarily on gaining insights  into  the  functioning of  legal systems globally –  in particular China,  the EU and the  US/Canada  and  considering  ‘the  language  questin’,  not  only  in  terms  of monolingual  legal  language,  but  also  in  terms  of  the  functioning  of multilingual  legal systems. 
It  is hoped  that  this special workshop will  form  the beginning of a  research network on language  and  law  (funding  for which  is  currently  being  sought  from  the UK  Arts  and Humanities Research Council).
Abstracts  of  1000-4000  words  should  be  sent  to  k.mcauliffe(a)  before  15
June 2009.  The deadline for full papers is 15 July 2009.
All  abstracts  and  papers  for  special  workshops  will  be  published  on  the  congress website:
Please note: registration fees, travel and all other expenses are the responsibility of participants themselves.

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